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No sense of time ⏰

When is the last time you left your phone, watch, or the ability to know the time of day, the date, day of the week behind?

Have you ever felt what it’s like to loose all sense of time?

If not- it’s a wonderful way to re check your mental self. A way to bring yourself back to the mindset/mindfulness that allows you to function more effectively.

As you can see with my site. I took a mental “check out”.


Yes- I have tons of material to share with you.

Rather than my device to log my mindful activities, recipes, ect. I logged, old school style ❤️.

Can you believe it? Paper, and pen!!!!

This activity is not always one that some have the ability to do. But if you do, I beg you to try it.

You don’t even have to leave your home. (Although I prefer to.)

Plan an escape. Arrive. And from that point forward, literally live in that moment.

No phone, no TV, no watch, no google, no electronics!

You want to know where to go to eat, ASK a stranger!

You need directions, ASK a stranger!

(No- I don’t want the stranger danger talk - let’s be adults. Learn to socialize with your peers, in your communities)

You need to eat….. no there’s no need to follow standard meal times. Eat when your body tells you to eat.

Our bodies, and minds are amazing.

They regulate us without us even acknowledging that it’s happening.

Take advantage of this.

Embrace living in that exact moment.

Tomorrow doesn’t exist, yesterday is over.

The above photo, is this morning. A moment that I sat outside, realized as I stretched, it was dawn. My body was saying it was time to get up and move. The air was thick, and humid. Silence everywhere, as I believe I was a lonely soldier rising before the rest.

I felt rested, and in this moment embraced the power of understanding my ability to love myself, my life, and this gorgeous earth.

I could feel the ground beneath my feet as I stood there. Soft, mildly moist. Maybe from the humidity? My feet were bare.

Still nothing, absolutely silence, as I continue to try to tune into anything happening.

I could hear myself breathing in, and out. A slow, easy pace. My arms began to feel heavy, as I stood there. How long would

I be able to enjoy this before others would wake? 3 minutes-4,5 maybe….

In such a short time. So much can be obtained.

Take a time out.

Create the environment that allows you to thrive🌱

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