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You’re going to SUANA see me in here a lot!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

20 minutes a day, that's it. 20 minutes!!! I've combined my morning meditation with a 20-minute sauna, talk about a life changer.

Have you heard of infrared sauna?

The health benefits are beyond the limits of this blog. Average temperature- 120 degrees F, for 20 minutes daily.

This saunas experience is not to eliminate water weight, in which you will gain back, very soon.

This sauna is about much more. Muscle relaxation, detoxification, skin purification, mood improvement, circulatory system, pain relief, heart and blood pressure, and so much more.🌱

Allow yourself to explore outside of your comfort zone. Step into new avenues that lead you down a path of pure bliss.

Mental, physical, and emotional health will lead you to a life with less long-term negative effects.

Take care of your body now!

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