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The joy of a simple snack🍣🧀🌱.

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

How adventurous do you get with your snacks?

Often when some here the word snack, they think, chips, cookies, ice cream….. ect.

Not I.

A snack to me, is fuel. Fuel to carry me towards the next meal. A snack can be whatever you choose it to be. Again, think outside of the average box. It can still be crunchy, yummy, and nutritious.

Let’s share snacks!!! The more we share our ideas, snacks, and intake, brings us a wider range of options. I love talking to someone, or viewing their social media, and stumble upon a new snack idea. 💡

Today I decided to enjoy one of my favorite’s.

A snack not only good for my physical health, but my mental health as well.

Tuna, plain. 1 tablespoon of fresh feta cheese, and some freshly picked parsley, and thyme from my herb garden.

As you may know, consuming your snack/meal is always about more than just satisfying your hunger.

That consumption is the opportunity to take the 3-5 minutes to think about what you’re eating. How it was prepared. How is feels as you place the item in your mouth. Is it soft? Chewy?

Listen to yourself chewing. Does this sound calm you? Take on each bite slowly, appreciate the fact you are there, eating, focusing on the placement of your fork. How you lift it to your mouth. Do you prefer a fork, or spoon?

Can you smell that? How does your snack smell? Does the aroma relax you? Bring a memory to the surface.

Are you content with the area you are sitting in? What sounds surround you as you consume your snack?

Whom are you sitting with, alone? Listening to music, silence?

That was fast. Snack time may be over. But you just took 3 minutes to re center yourself. If at any time during these sessions, you become distracted (which easily can happen). Start over- no worries. Try it again, tomorrow.

Remember, it's all about growth, and appreciate the fuel we place in our body. While taking close notice of our actions.

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