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No one is hearing me…..

We are the keepers of our actions. We are the ones that have to drive ourselves home each day, replay each action we completed.

We are the ones that have to take ownership over our own well being. I know, it’s short staffed. We all know. I know, the are leaving by the masses, we all know.

But what can you do for yourself today?

I hear you, I truly do. But the vents of staffing, unsafe measures, pay cuts, ect will not solve your issues today.

Today, and everyday you as a healthcare professional, you need to focus on self care.

What can you do today, to assist your self in having a more productive, safe, and over all pleasant day.

🌿 Practice speaking up. Clear and assertive communication is strongly associated with job satisfaction and nurse retention.

🍃Shine a spotlight on nurse-physician relationships. Collaborative relationships between nurses and physicians is associated with safer patient care and improved job satisfaction.

🌿Take on a new challenge. Variety is one of the factors associated with nurse job satisfaction, according to this study abstract published in Research in Nursing and Health.

☘️Create a lunch break culture. Maslowes hierarchy of needs applies to more than just your patients.

🍃Start a practice change. Is there a practice area in your unit or institution that gets in the way of doing your job effectively?

Try making change in one of these areas. Maybe try two?

You are the keeper of how you feel. Step back into the world of confidence, and be the nurse you were meant to be.


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