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Is food part of being Mindful?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Is food part of being Mindful?


We will talk about intake often. It’s one of my favorite subjects. I appreciate food as an art. Odd. Some may think so.

Food to me is not only fuel, but it’s a beautiful display of emotions. I often find myself drawn to the kitchen when I’m feeling off for the day.

Once I learned to view food differently, my world exploded.

If you have ever eaten in my home, you’ll see how passionate I am about it. Presentation. Taste. Sense. The environment. Nutrition support. Smaller portions. Even what we do while eating.

Where do you eat? We eat daily at the dinner table, as a family.

Appreciating your food as an art can be very satisfying.

Think about where your food came from. Take a moment to acknowledge where your food came from, who made the food, how it was prepped. Eat slowly, use and value all your senses.

What you take in is significant in clarity. Unprocessed food should always be part of your plate. Often to make it basic, I like to say the more colors the better🌿🍃.

As we move forward and spend time together, we will take about the development of meals. We will also review the appreciation of the meals. How they affect our daily activities.

We will also look at how not having these foods easily available to our community has a negative impact. How we can help those get on track, find resources, while moving towards a healthier, and happier community.

While out and about today. I ask one thing of you, stop and pick up a pack of seeds.

One step on the path to a more mindful life is growing your own greens. Talk about satisfied.

Growing your own greens will also help with focusing on making this an art form🌱.

Start small. Take one day at a time. Reach out to me for guidance. Name your plants, get silly.

I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your progress!!

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