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7 Quick Mindful activities for coping with COVID-19 Stress, and Anxiety

I know first hand how the past year and a half have been. Working in a hospital setting, in the community, first hand, with low income, high diverse patients. Attempting to instill positive outcomes into others non stop, while being thrown new barriers daily.

I've cared for the patient, and sat at the budget table while having those tough conversations-"We are purging money"......"What's the plan?".

It hasn't been easy. Our community was wonderful. The donations of food on those long shifts, yelling HERO- well I can honestly say, I got to a point where I no longer wanted to hear that word.

I'm doing my job, period.

I know most of my peers were starting to feel the same.

Now we are still in this odd phase of what's next?

I see through out the system people leaving the jobs they lived for.

The struggle has been real.

But, I don't want to hash out the struggle. I decided awhile back, instead of allowing it to consume me. FIX MY MINDSET.

For most in healthcare, prioritizing self-care is not easy. But the ability to pause one's focus is almost essential.

Try these quick and easy steps through out your work day,

  1. Pause when you first arrive. Take in your surroundings, Take a few calming breaths. Adjust your timing so it feels as if this is where you belong.

  2. As you approach a patients room. Think about how you are walking to the room, listen to your footsteps. Slow down. Check in with your overall state of well being.

  3. During hand washing-stand still and pause. Pay attention to your movements, reaching for the soap, the motion, the temperature. Stay with the experience, not your thoughts.

  4. When you first approach someone-notice details about that person. Such as the color of their eyes. Facial expressions. Bring your full attention to the interaction, try to not allow your mind to wander to another experience.

  5. When you notice yourself feeling tense, is it possible to remove yourself from the situation for a minute or two? (bathrooms are a great place to do this). Ask your self "Is it understandable that I feel this way?" Validate your experience with compassion.

  6. Before, during, or after a difficult situation. Pause. Feel your feet firmly grounded and repeat this phrase as you link it to your breath. Come up with a calming phrase, such as "Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out, I relax."

  7. At least once or twice a day- look at something simple. Something you find beautiful. This could be the sky, a flower. Enjoy and savor that beauty.

These activities are quick, and help assist you in getting refocused. Bring peace to your heart, and mind.

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