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What does it mean to be Mindful?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

This word mindful- seems to be used a lot lately. Its used several different ways, and often; viewed different by different people.

The area of healthcare, is where mindfulness hits home hard for me.

How does mindfulness affect us as a community, a servant, a peer, a spouse, a mother, father, and all the other roles we play daily.

Each day we are faced with challenges. Each day we rise in hopes to do better for ourselves, and others.

We rise in hopes to conquer our day, return home and feel complete. Or at least I do.

I hope to lay my head down and feel as if I made a change.

I empowered someone, ( a patient in my case) to be better.

Some may call this "drive, or "the will to be better". But is it "drive"??.........

So let's get back to the definition- Mindful......

And how does that activity, those technique's, and skills, help me achieve the most of my life. With great joy.

And yes- I'm like the rest of the world. We all have our ups, and downs. But the activity of how I tackle my challenges, has evolved.

Being mindful is an action we all can do. You don't need a degree, enhanced education, be of certain class, race, or religion.

It's a mindset. It's living in the moment. It basically means, being more aware, and present in the moment.

Being fully engaged in your surroundings. It can be found in every action you take. In every action you observe.

For example- being aware of how you are breathing, what you are eating....the taste, smell. The non-judgmental awareness you take in your every action.

Many of us spend our days drowning in a state of divided attention. Multi-tasking.

Have you ever thought about de-bunking the multi-tasking idea?

In the moment pause, complete your task. Understand every aspect of that task.

Did you know- by doing this you will not only decrease your stress level, but you will enhance your knowledge around that task?

As Mother Teresa put it, "Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more."

Teaching ourselves mind how to focus and be present can be challenging, and even scary.

Why be mindful? It helps regulate emotions, decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

It will assist you in making better decisions and be more fully engaged in life.

You can learn how to do this anywhere, and almost anytime. There's no age limit, nor right time.

I'm looking forward to sharing my mindful journey with you!!

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