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Self Care-

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Self Care- what a wide topic. In the chaos of our daily life, we can easily be consumed with neglecting ourselves. That's typically the first thing to go.

We get up each morning wanting to do the best, or the other extreme, feeling beat down, exhausted, unsure if we have anything left to offer others.

As a nurse, mother, wife, I found myself in this spot often. That’s okay. It happens to the best of us. We need those moments to educate ourselves on how to be more powerful ❤️.

During those times I find something to put into my bucket. My bucket, which you will hear me refer to often, is a vast variety of things I’ve learned, and taught myself over the years. My bucket is filled with ways, techniques, to assist myself in becoming more empowered.

so let’s head back to Self Care💦🍃.

Self Care is a large topic. So we will find ourselves talking about this a lot.

I'd like to review how you care for your self, before you rest your head at night. Have you ever thought about that? Did you know that this can impact how you sleep, how rested you will be when you rise?

It will also assist in that crazy thing we often find happening….the brain spiral ☄️.

Once that takes off, for some, it’s over. The thought of a productive nights sleep, is doomed.

I find a routine is a significant way to keep yourself on track. It also aides in decreasing anxiety, helps you prep for the morning, calms your mind, and placing you in a positive spot.

What do you do before you rest your head each evening, or morning?

I make a diligent effort to follow the same routine each evening.

Yes mama’s I know the little ones can disrupt that, BUT you need to be sure that you teach your kids this as well. If need be, do it as a family.

Each evening. At the same time every night, I stop whatever I’m doing and basically say “It’s time!”.

I head to the same spot every evening, and start my routine. I get comfy, the phone is placed on silent, I spend about 10-30 minutes doing as I tell my husband “Girly things". Those things can vary. Sometimes I do facial mask, just wash my face, clean my jewelry.

Find what you need to make yourself feel prepped to start to close shop for the night.

Once I've completed that. I think about the next day. Do I need an outfit? What is on my agenda tomorrow, do I have a meeting, need to be up early, the do kids need something, my husband, does he work, ect. Once I reviewed that, I get ready for the following morning. Outfit is ready, lunches are packed, alarm set for 6am meeting. Whatever it is to make sure when I rise, I'm not feeling flustered, I'm living in the moment and moving with the flow.

I then take time to reflect on my day. I review how I tackled my day, what could I have done differently.

I often write down little notes. This just helps me remove them from my mind. They are on paper now, so that chapter is closed. I no longer have to review it. The day is completed.

Once I've completed these easy steps, I often enter the bed feeling at ease.

So let's wrap that up in an easy bundle to share with all.

  1. Close your day and prepare for the next.

  2. Set up for a relaxing evening,

  3. Have a set bedtime.

  4. Ten minutes of reflection, mindfulness.

  5. Avoid sleep disruption - TURN THE PHONE ON SILENT!

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy some REM sleep.

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