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Stuck in a groove?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Do you ever feel like the cycle keeps repeating itself? You find yourself saying, I cant keep this up? Why does this keep happening to me? The groove actually becomes exhausting.

Do you feel like you lost your cape?

I have. I have actually felt as if I drove over my cape on my way to work..... then put it on, and wore it all tattered, and dirty.

The cape was obvious to all- well at least I thought so.

Mind you- if you asked others- they'd say "NEVER, not her!" I hide it all too well.

This happens to us all. Not to worry.

But how long will it be before you realize you're in the groove??

How long will it be, before you place the cape in the washer, dry it, smile, and put that cape back on, with a smile. Feeling strong, confident.

Asking others to wear the cape with you?

Once you realize you are stuck in that groove, and your exhausted from your head spinning.

You first need to unlock your logic, and listen to your quiet voice. You know that voice that you hear in the back ground, that keeps saying" enough, is enough!!"

Yeah- that one! Listen to it. It holds value, and is your heart trying to tell you, its time to make a change.

Make sense of your story? Why does this keep happening? Do you know that your story is the most powerful thing you have?

Some may call it a Legacy. If you don't see it, you haven't accepted it. You must accept every part of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Remember your not a victim- often most like to play victim. Again- its our story, take ownership. You have every right to make excuses, believe me. I have made a million excuses, but when it boils down to it, I'm the keeper of my story. YOu are allowed to make mistakes-you are allowed bad things to happen in your story, have compassion with yourself.

Maybe your too comfortable? There is significant value in discomfort.

Yes- I said that!! You may not know, but I'm an introvert. Habits and routines.....calendars, schedules....yes, that's me.

But until I realized, my dirty cape, my rut, my groove....was weak, was because I was comfortable, I kept spinning. I kept picking it off the ground dirty, putting it back on.

So for me personally- I needed to make a professional change to adjust my rut.

We are all different.

Once you realize this is where you are at......once you accept it.

You can then move forward for change. And believe me, that change is significant.

Your value will now increase. Why?

Because now you can put a new cape on. This one has been dry cleaned! IMAGINE THAT!

Sometimes we need to take a step away to see what is on the inside of our bubble.

Transform your time.

Make rituals, practice the skill of awareness. Self compassion. Take a deep breathe, smell the food on the stove.

Drive to work a different way. Have gratitude.

Ruts, groove, what ever we want to call it, a skipping records.

Its yours, and that the glory of it.

You can change the record whenever you want.

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