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It’s as simple as a walk.

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Did you realize something as simple as a walk can change your whole vision.

it’s not where you walk, how far you walk , but about what you do when your walking.

We all have those days, moments, times, where our minds spin. We are attempting to make clarity out of what we may be thinking. To me, in those times, I do my best decision making while walking. Lately Ive been blessed to walk in some of the most amazing places. But again, it’s not where you are walking. It’s how you walk, how you process the walk. For each of us, the walk may take a different length of time, depending on what your dealing with, and how quickly you can settle those spiraling thoughts.

For me it’s about 15-20 on average. Lets take you through a walk of mine.

My walks, I prefer no music, music just distracts me from re setting my mind.

As I’m walking I slowly start to listen to what’s happening around me, birds, traffic, chatter of people on door steps, a child laughing.

As I begin to enjoy those simple things, I start to regulate my respirations. Are they deep, shallow? Slowly making them regular.

I listen to them.

As I make an effort to listen, and begin to pace my breathing, I start to feel my footsteps touching the ground. One after another.

Heel to toe. My arms are swaying. The breeze is ever so light. All of a sudden I realize that item I was so struggling with means nothing. This is what life is about. This is why we are here. To enjoy the moment.

If something is causing you that much stress, that much energy, it may be time to turn the page.

Now I know, turning the page isn’t an option for all. At this time maybe that page is still being written.

Maybe you are viewing the story wrong? Perspective. Allow your walk to view all perspectives. There may be a lesson to be learned?

Just take a walk, you shall return with a whole different thought process. 🌿

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